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    I don’t use 4chan, I just download the funny snipped things like this. I generally avoid most hyper political memes because those are the hardest to repost. They also age the hardest. No one cares about the fly on pences head anymore so I can’t post those.

    Not saying 4chan doesn’t have its problems or whatever, just my perspective for hoarding memes is I save what’s funny but also what I can repost elsewhere and for the longest time afterwards.

  • I distinctly remember growing up hearing there’s not even a .01% margin for error on spacecraft. That they must be so durable to withstand the conditions of leaving/reentry and the shuddering vibrations. I realize it’s different, but the big fear is always having another Challenger. Challenger didn’t just break up, it exploded into 2 pieces on national television. " teacher going to space" had a TV in every classroom across the country watching it.

    Helium seems used in the modern rocket to keep hot gas pipes separate from cold liquid fuel. 3 minutes before launch the system is charged and maintained by ground, just before ignition it’s disengaged and the system has to support itself. The helium on board only needs to stay pressurized for the 7 minutes or so it takes before the thrusters are spent, and purged, and that’s why they don’t view it as an issue. But still sounds like fuckass Boeing being ok gambling with lives while NASA shrugs - again.

  • Holy shit is that a JoJo reference???

    But I do actually like “Giorgio by Moroder”. It seems silly but it’s served me an inspiring monologue to try new things and find something I to be passionate about. And so I bought a few pairs of headphones and schiit amp/dac to see if music making was what I could be good at. It is not. But I found I loved listening to music on nice headphones, and got a pair of Grados to go with the dac/amp

    Sorry I know you don’t care just wanted to praise the song lol