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  • I have a pit bull/dalmatian mix (at least we think so) and she has “murder” as a significant part of her brain considering she’s happily killed countless animals (and brought many through the dog door). She usually doesn’t eat them, she just kills them and hangs on to them like a trophy until we can get them away from her, which is not easy.

    Also, the best day of her life is when some stupid bunny decided to give birth to her babies in our back yard and she found them and ate all of them, slurping them up one by one like spaghetti as we watched in horror. It was the best day of her life.

  • I said to my wife a long time ago before she was a big dog lover that I don’t think I could ever live my life without a dog. And now I have two and she was the one who initially suggested a second one. And although we’ve sadly lost two dogs, we’ve also had two dogs simultaneously for close to 20 years now and neither of us could live without dogs now. The sad part is that we will eventually get to the age that my elderly mother has gotten to where we will have to make a plan for what to do with our dogs if we die before they do. But we will definitely make that plan when it comes time.