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“I’d rather get banned shit-posting than live long enough to see myself become a janny” = formally u/unhappy_grapefruit_2 and u/ram_ranchh now ShitOnABrick

“If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” ― Noam Chomsky

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  • Translation

    George finds tim at a car accident

    George says to tim. Tim don’t cry you can get a new car.

    Tim then says to George to look in the passenger seat

    George looks and proceeds to say to tim. Don’t cry You can get a new girlfriend tim

    Then Tim says look Again in mouth. Tim’s penis was cut of

    Moral of the story you can get new cars and new hoes. But you can never get a new penis also alpine Linux sucks

    This is such an motivational piece of media. Has truly changed my life

  • Being a “cemtrist” isn’t “bs” M8 I think being a fence sitter is as valid as any other political opinion or statement M8. Sometimes it’s best to not pick a side. I’m a fifthy fence sitter myself. I personally am a non interventionist. I don’t think we should send our young men to die in foreign conflict that has nothing to do with us. Although I’m up for private charities or private companies sending aid.

  • It’s funny Lemmy was created as a way to get away from “Reddit brand authotarian weirdos” yet Lemmy’s creator is a “Reddit brand authotarian weirdo” and so is most of the main moderation team on ml and elsewhere you’ll think that with there combined experience on Reddit that they’lld learnt by now that censorship is bad. But then again what am I saying with my experience with tankies and socialists I’ve learnt a lot of them aren’t that bright

    It’s funny and ironic that the creator of this platform has become the very thing he apparently despises although I’m not surprised to be brutally honest commies do love their censorship