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  • Stay and vote. The way I see it, Canada is fucked if PP wins anyways, and will be hurt by Trump regardless. Europe is fucked if the alt right wins in France and hobbles Germany in the next couple elections. Nigel Farage is going to parasitically eat the conservatives from the inside out in the UK. Trump will pull put of NATO, which means war on Europe’s doorstep and probably all of south east Asia if China decides they don’t mind war.

    Running isn’t going to work. Voting and protesting and political action is what will keep us all at peace and ever vigilant against populism and later, fascism. All hope isn’t lost. We still can undo the damage and categorically reject hate and corruption that is threatening democracies worldwide (and already dooming authoritarian countries with massive population gaps and economic damage)

  • Yeah, that was a bit depressing. The PFAS make it a lot more water soluble. My guess is that old TP didn’t break down very well at all, and was kinda splintery (or at least more paper-y).

    Luckily, the bidet removes much of that as long as you don’t use TP. And for those that have bad pipes or a septic system, I think a bidet is an invaluable part of saving you lots of money, since you aren’t packing extra material down the pipes.

  • Any bidet is better than no bidet. The hand ones are great. But the Japanese ones with zero hand contact minimizes the potential for fecal-oral contact even more, just in case someone doesn’t do a great job washing their hands in a hospital or food service setting.

    Side note, it really irritates me when people take a shit, wet their hands, and leave. Wash your hands with soap and water. It takes 20 seconds.

    If you don’t, you are now slinging potential shit water everywhere.

  • This type is pretty good, but for food service workers, hospitals, and retirement homes, I’d prefer the hands-free ones with wide nozzles and oscillating sprayheads. Norovirus is a stupidly contagious GI bug, and for healthcare and food service, I want as little fecal-oral contamination as possible. Hand washing is great, but some people are terrible handwashers, and minimizing the potential vectors as much as possible is always appreciated.

    Toilet paper itself is already pretty unsanitary. I wish all food service places had bidets for this reason alone.