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  • The Fediverse has 1 million active users. Threads has 130 million active users. This is not an EEE play because a 100% successful EEE play would amount to increasing the Threads userbase by less than 1%. Meta is doing this for non-EEE reasons.

    One possible non-EEE reason would be to have plausible deniability for monopolistic practices. If they make a show of interoperating with irrelevant nobodies like us, they can pretend to be a nice tech company rather than a mean anti-competitive monopoly.

  • Ontario has now passed two different bills banning cell phones in school. It’s a great distraction from actual problems. I fully expect we’ll pass a third in a few years if our provincial government is re-elected

    Teachers don’t need a sheet of paper at a legislature somewhere to take away cellphones. They can do that already, and if the kids disobey a legislature won’t help. I assume no one is expecting kids to go to prison for having a cellphone

  • You are defining “communism” to mean not whatever Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and friends did. That’s fine. Repudiating those monsters is great. However, when you do that you might as well call your thing anarcho-something and not “communism” to make it clear that you are not a fan of having a vanguard of idiots seize power and rule on behalf of a dictatorship of the proletariat in order to eventually hope to achieve a communist society by first having a strong central power as a transitional phase.

    Keep on not licking the tank treads crushing freedom like the ones that destroyed the Prague Spring of 1968 and the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 and you won’t be called a tankie

    I certainly block every .ml community I see and it’s working great for me.